Environmental fashion, sustainable quality
About Us
Our company was founded in 1965 in Sultanhamam, İstanbul which is the textile and trade center of Turkey. Since the day it was founded, there are traces of Sultanhamam in the DNA of our company. The industry dynamics learned and experienced here, all has guided to Turkey in the field of textiles. Since we are among the companies that prioritize this guidance, practice and experience are hidden at the core of our company. Our corporation, which manufactures more for the domestic market within the framework of the conditions of its establishment, by 1980, it turned towards export and established a knitting factory in Merter, Istanbul after Sultanhamam and started to export the products to Europe and America.
The company, which has been manufacturing knitting for23 years of 60 years of experience, has started to manufacture denim and woven products within the framework of sustainability in line with new targets. One of our biggest goals is to turn this 60-year-old company into a dynamic and exemplary company that has operated for 100 years.
The flag we inherited from the founders of the company is to carry it to the future by bringing it to strong position whose priority is the environment and always adopts innovations and fashion.
Energy consumption is one of the biggest factors of greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, reducing consumption is one of the biggest steps to be taken to protect the environment. As Özgür Tekstil, we are working to mainly save electricity, natural gas and time by using the latest technology, new generation machines. We build our investments and developments on this strategy.
Enviroment Lover
Özgür Tekstil works with ZDHC and bluesign® certified systems, chemicals and manufacturers that set sustainability standards in the entire production process. Thanks to this sensitivity, stones or bleaching chemicals that harm the environment and people are not used, and the damage that may occur is tried to be reduced to zero. With the strict recycling policies of Özgür Tekstil, the fabric and paper wastes generated during manufacturing are recycled and recovered to the supply ring. The water used in the plant, in the kitchen and in the sinks is stored for reuse. The energy and lighting systems used in all departments of Özgür Tekstil are designed to be the most efficient and the light and heat insulation has been raised to the top level.



We know well how important water, which is one of the most used resources in production, is for nature and humanity. Because of that, in our production areas where water is used; By utilizing organic enzymes and chemicals, 70% -90% water saving is achieved by using the latest technology and specially equipped washing machines.




Advancing to the future with strong and "green" steps is one of our biggest goals as Özgür Tekstil.

So, it is a duty for us to not only follow the latest technology, but to keep up with it, to reflect these technologies in our designs and developments. For the sake of this task, we are testing new techniques, new machines and chemicals that will contribute to sustainability through collaborative work with the industry's leading chemistry, machinery, fabric and washing companies.

& Development

Our engineers and designers in the R&D team of our company produce sustainable and environmentally friendly designs that are suitable for fashion, time and trend, and they never depart from discipline and continuity principles while carrying out these works. In this way, our customers can access regularly, continuous and trendy collections.





As Özgür Tekstil, we think as thin as a tailor and act as fast as a machine. With this working principle, we are able to serve customers who demand continuous innovation and qualified products.Our understanding of maximizing the quality while keeping our production time short is the most important feature that distinguishes Özgür Tekstil. Our system and strategy are based on this feature.
Sustainable Quality in Production
We are a company that specializes in its work together with pioneering fabric, accessory and paint factories where we move arm in arm, as well as 45 years of experience that strengthens our foundations. We aim to ensure continuity thanks to our fast and planned actions in repetitive orders, especially NOS programs, and as a whole team, we try to combine this continuity with quality.